Here you will find a wide range of individual courses, programs, memberships, services, and retail items to help you in your firearms training and preparedness journey. When you see something you’re interested in, check our schedule for availability and give us a call, or go to our Contact page and send us an email.

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*Modern Samurai Project JULY 22/23, 2023 LINK FOR THAT CLASS –


Pistol Application

This is the starting point of your gunfighting training.  You use a pistol to defend yourself, so this class will get you headed in the right direction in the event that you have to use deadly force.  This class will cover dispelling myths in stance and grip, you will learn how to run the gun properly, some cheat codes to shooting fast and accurate, shot placement and transitions, and introduction into some movement. There will be a small medical portion at the beginning of class. You can run this class from concealment or an overt holster on a gun belt. 

**Gear Needed- Semi-auto pistol, Kydex holster (no serpa), 3-5 magazines, gun belt, tourniquet and mag holders, snap caps (dummy training rounds), 400 rounds of ammo, eye and ear protection, water/snacks and a chair if you want to sit while we talk or stuff magazines. 

Price – $250****Round Count 400 

Combat Pistol

This class is all about real world gunfighting.   You will learn the proper use of cover, shooting and moving, strong and support hand shooting, alternative shooting positions, and retention shooting Must have taken Pistol Application or an equivalent course OR you must set up a private and demonstrate that you are not going to be a liability or unsafe for the class.   

**Gear Needed- Semi-auto pistol, Kydex holster (no serpa), 3-5 magazines, Gun belt with TQ and mag holders, 500 rounds of ammo, eye and ear protection, knee pads, water/snacks and a chair if you want to sit while we chat or stuff magazines. 

This class can be run from overt gun belt or CCW, I highly recommend training the way you normally carry a gun and not tacticool. 

Price – $300****Round Count 500

Concealed Carry Methods

This class is designed around CCW and being proficient in your abilities to carry daily.  We will cover pistol set up and holsters, off body carry, running the gun 1 and 2 handed, proper use of cover/concealment, moving and shooting and some methods/tactics that will allow you to be better prepared to eliminate evil when it comes your way. 

****This class is run from concealment, NO OVERT PATROL/GUN BELT. OWB with garment covering is fine. KNEE PADS ARE HIGHLY RECOMENDED****

**Gear needed- pistol, holster, 500 rounds, light source, note taking stuff, if you carry off body then bring the purse, fanny, or bag you carry in, belt, 3-5 mags, TQ (tourniquet). eye and ear protection, water/snacks and chair if you want to sit while we stuff mags or chat. 

Price $300****Round count 500

Carbine Application

This class is designed to get the shooter comfortable with the carbine and beginning to understand the capabilities of the tool in a dynamic environment.  We will cover rifle set up, stance, how to run the gun, CQB offsets/zero, ready ups, multiple targets, and shooting on the move. 

**Gear Needed- AR/AK platform, Sling, 3-5 magazines, Belt or chest rig for magazines and TQ, 350 rounds, eye and ear protection, water/snacks and a chair in case you want to sit while we chat or stuff magazines. 

Price $250****Round Count 350

Carbine Operator

This class is designed to get you set up for success in a dynamic environment from CQB distance out to 500yds. We will work on learning how to use/shoot from cover, alternate positions, shooting and moving, hold overs, wind calls, how to use the environment, acceptable VS precision shooting, and sling use. 

Transitions from carbine to pistol.

*****Must have taken Carbine Applications or equivalent course OR set up a private to ensure you will not be a liability to the class*****

**Gear Needed- AR/AK platform, RDS/Optic that is zeroed, Sling, 3-5 magazines, Belt or chest rig for magazines and TQ, knee pads, eye and ear protection, water/snacks and a chair if you want to sit while we stuff mags or chat. 

Price $300****Round Count 500 Carbine/100 pistol 


L.R.S. -Long Range Shenanigans is designed to teach the shooters how to engage targets from 100-700y and potentially out past 1000y depending on the season. Rifle set up, FFP vs SFP, optics and reticle options, zeroing, gathering D.O.P.E. shooting positions, breath and trigger work, MOA vs MILRAD, acceptable vs to precise, wind calls, setting up the shot, mindset.  This is a single man shooter course this is not a sniper team/spotter & shooter course

**Gear Needed- Recce Rifle, DMR (designated marksman rifle) SPR (special purpose rifle) bolt or semi, zeroed optic, shooting mat (preferred not needed) 200 rounds, shooting bag/bipod, note taking gear, a way to carry extra magazine or ammo with you. eye and ear protection, water/snacks. chair, tripod, anything you want to use to shoot off of. 

***This is not a static only course you can run a 5.56 or .30cal rifle*** 

Price $200****Round Count 200 


C.C.V.S – COOL COOL VEHICLE SHIT is designed to teach the shooters how to fight in and around a vehicle.  We cover what bullets do going and out of the car, windshield, over the roof, learning pillars and what’s cover vs concealment.  You will learn how to safely use angles and level changes to create cover across the vehicle and we will dispel any myths you may have about this dynamic situation. Tons of shooting drills, little bit of science, and lots of learning. 

**Gear Needed- Semi-auto pistol, Kydex holster (no serpa), 3-5 magazines, Gun belt OR IWB carry with TQ and mag holders, 400 rounds of ammo, knee pads, eye and ear protection, water/snacks and a chair if you want to sit while we chat or stuff magazines. 

Price – $300****Round Count 400

Services & Programs

Private Training

$60/hr – This is your opportunity to have 100% of my attention to work on the skills you need to work on. We will do an assessment, make some goals, create a custom training plan based on what skills need developed and work towards crushing your goals. I will push you to become better, nothing that is worth it comes easy! 

Open Range Time

$30/hr – Come on out and shoot on the flat range or mid/precision range price is per hour. I will be out there to maintain safety and give assistance where needed. Please call to let me know you are coming out with the size of the group if you are not alone. There is no formal instruction here, just you enjoying the range. 

Small Group Session

$35/person/hr – This is perfect for a family outing, a team who does security, or a group of people who have similar mindset and want to improve in their ability to protect and preserve human life. If the group is on the same page of what is to be worked, we will do that. Otherwise, I will assess and come up with a plan that fits the group. 3-5 people, more can be accommodated.

Situational Awareness

$50 – This class is going to help you understand your surroundings, read human behavior, spot trouble before it happens, help avoid being followed, creating plans for travel, work, pleasure, it will assist you in staying alive and becoming a better protector of yourself and those around you. This class can be taught to commercial and residential clients. It will be hosted at the range a few times a year. 

Security Audit/Active Shooter Training

This is a full security audit of your church, school, or business.  We cover the ins and outs of the safety liabilities and threats.  We will come up with solutions to the challenges we find that fit your budget.  My biggest concern is getting you protected and trained. Remember, VICTORY SEEKS THE PREPARED.

We will set up the proper training to deal with the current threats in society and ensure you have a plan in place to mitigate the damages and stop the threat. 

House Calls

Starting at $250 – This is a planning and training process that takes place in your home. This service is used to help create a plan for an emergency and make sure everyone knows their roles. We learn about making the house a hard target, situational awareness, CQC basics, gear to consider, what other types of training would be beneficial, and much more. Then we create a plan of action that can be understood, trained, and perfected by those involved. This service starts at $250 for the initial session, price from there is scaled based on what services and training is taken by the family. 


Custom plan and pricing is made for this. MDS stands for Modern Day Savage and this is a long term training package. It’s a commitment to striving to hit the highest potential of your capabilities in being able to take a life and save a life. We cover a gambit of skills including hand to hand, edged weapons, CCW, pistol and carbine work, medical (basic and trauma), CQB/Structure defense, situational awareness, survival skills, post economic collapse, tracking, fitness, mindset, force multipliers, and much more. For more info about what this is all about reach out directly and ask 

**This program will require a commitment of time and effort, some purchasing/rental of gear, and finally a ton HARD WORK** 

The MDS program is for individuals, families, groups, anyone seeking to learn and truly become a protector of self, family, and freedom.

Agency Training

We offer LEO, PMC, and Security company training. It is all based on what challenges you are facing and trying to solve. We have developed a yearly training plan that we can offer to individual departments/companies that take all the thinking out of it and have the training plans laid out. This plan can be customized as well to fit the client’s needs.  

If there is certain training that you are wanting, let me know and we will come up with a solution to your challenges and make sure your prepared!


***FFL Holder***

ShotStop Body Armor

It’s not steel and it’s not ceramic. It’s the lightest and toughest body armor on the market. I’m a direct dealer and can you get an amazing price on armor plates, backpack inserts, ballistic clipboards, and more! It’s like buying a Lambo for the price of a Tahoe

**Contact me for special pricing and agency options**





G9 Defense Ammo

G9 defense ammo is like carrying a shape charge in your pistol. It hits hard, doesn’t deform, has zero deviation through the windshield, doesn’t over penetrate, and stops the threat as intended. I have it for pistol calibers and 5.56, the 10mm woodsman round took out a 600lb hog at 40yds first round. 

g9-Catalog-2022-Final (2).pdf


Shadow Precision Firearms and Suppressors

Shadow Precision is a top tier firearms manufacturing company. They specialize in custom rifles, cerakoting, and making the best suppressors on the market. Most cans give you a snap and still hurt the ears a bit, the SPTI 30 doesn’t have that issue. It’s by far the most shooting safe can on the market, not to mention you get two free cleanings and inspections by the team who built it and a limited lifetime warranty. 



$350/year – 10% off retail/classes – 2 free guests passes – $25/hr range time – 1 free private session 


$450/year – 15% off retail/classes – 3 free guests – $25/hr range time – 2 free private sessions 


$600/year – 20%off retail/classes – 3 free guests – $25/hr range time – 3 free private sessions 


(First Responder/Mil/Vet) – $350/year – 20% retail/classes – 3 free guests – $25/hr range time – 3 free private sessions – 40% off one class of your choice 


 Choose what level you want, add $50 to the price per person who is going on membership. You and your family will get a basic firearms handling class for free. Must be resident and/or relative. 

Lifer Package

(20 years) – $3500single/$4500 family – 30% discount classes/retail – 5 free guests– $20/hr range time – Free initial house call visit and plan – first hour is free – 3 private sessions