Victory Seeks the Prepared

We provide real solutions to everyday violence and offer classes for all levels of shooters.


Tactical Training Facility

Dedicated to teaching the everyday citizen to win the fight for their, to train every officer to become more capable in their daily duties to protect and serve and to reteach society to protect and preserve human life. 

Protect Self - Grow Tactically - Preserve Freedom

“Our aim is to protect and preserve human life. To help you be prepared, we have classes for all levels of shooters, from first timers to high-level LEO and MIL. I have real-world experience and have been in the industry my entire adult life.” ~ Nez, Instructor & Owner


Memberships are available for those who want to have regular access to the shooting range.


Full training programs are for those wanting to take a deeper dive into being fully prepared.


Our various individual classes allow you to pick and choose specialty trainings a la carte.

About Us

Ozark School of Gunfighting is a 60-acre training facility with multiple shooting ranges. It has a flat range, a mid-range of 0-600y, and a long-distance gun range of 0-1000y plus, and a vehicle dynamics range.

We offer everything from fundamentals to high-level team training.  In addition to range, we sell body armor and defense ammo which includes traveling to sell armor/ammo to LEO/PMC/MIL and tac shops. ShotStop body armor is a leader in the industry and has the best plates on the market. They are the lightest and toughest plates money can buy and come at a super affordable rate…’s like buying a Lambo for the price of a Tahoe!  G9 defense ammo has ZERO deviation through glass and other similar barriers that change the trajectory of the round, BEST AMMO ON THE MARKET.  We sell it in all pistol calibers and 5.56

Learn more about the skills, experience, and education of owner and trainer Nick "Nez" Nesbitt.